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Navigating Viral Vector Biomanufacturing
Scale Up:

An Essential Handbook

AAV Scale Up Handbook

With most cell and gene therapies in phase I/II trials and limited experience with the scale-up process, commercialization is not easy to navigate. New technologies are needed to manufacture cell and gene therapies – and the viral vectors used in their development and production – in a more efficient and scalable way.

Artificial intelligence (AI) methods and digital solutions offer approaches that can positively impact these processes, improving the quantity, quality and efficiency of manufactured cell and gene therapy products.

This 15-page handbook covers:

  • Fundamental Principles of Cell and
    Gene Therapy
  • Opportunities and Challenges of Viral
    Vector Usage
  • Improving the Therapeutic Potential
    of AAV Viral Vectors
  • Maximizing AAV Quantity and Quality
    Using Artificial Intelligence
  • 5 Steps to Scale AAV Viral Vector
    Biomanufacturing Effectively 


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