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webinar on-demand

Explore Google’s Advanced Omics AI Models and Key Discoveries with Form Bio 


Watch on-demand! Join Form Bio & Google for a scientific discussion on pivotal discoveries using some of the most popular Google Cloud Vertex AI-powered workflows. Dive into insightful conversations at your convenience.


Gain insight with a guided tour of Form Bio, featuring a detailed demo of the new Google AI-powered workflows, now streamlined for point-and-click functionality on Form Bio’s platform. Bench scientists, academic researchers and bioinformatics professionals will have an exclusive opportunity to delve into the cornerstone of Google Cloud’s Multiomics Suite developed by Form Bio, natively built on Google Cloud and now accessible via the Google Cloud Marketplace. 

In this webinar, we'll cover:

  • Key learnings from leveraging Google's Vertex AI-powered workflows: DeepVariant, RNAseq, DeepConsensus, Pan Genomes
  • An overview of the Form Bio platform, including data management, workflows, collaboration features and built-in tools for research
  • A deep dive into Google-powered AI models available for seamless execution as point-and-click workflows on Form Bio
  • What's on the horizon for the future of AI and bioinformatics