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New Data: Biological Validation Studies

The initial lab results are in!

Form Bio's AI models accurately predict and optimize vector design outcomes. 

Explore our initial biological data and performance metrics of FORMsightAI large language model (LLM) in this new validation report.

AI Optimizes Gene Therapy Constructs

Key Insights From the Validation Studies: 

  • AI Can Predict Design Problems Accurately and Reproducibly
    AI model predictions were reproduced across 42 constructs.
  • AI Can Generate Vector Designs That Reduce Undesirable Characteristics
    An AI-optimized design reduced CpG islands, thereby lowering immunotoxicity risk, and minimized truncation peaks, resulting in a 28% increase in full reads.
  • AI Can Generate Vector Designs That Increase Desirable Characteristics
    An AI-optimized design resulted in a 25% increase in the genome titer and
    produced mRNA and functional protein, with >20% more potency than industry
    standard codon-optimized construct.

Advance Your Drug Products 

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